Preparation of petitions for pardon, clemency and parole

In most of the European jurisdictions and abroad highest executive authority (usually a president) and courts are vested with power to absolve a person of his or her conviction, commute sentence, relieve a convict from serving the remaining period of his sentence (either under certain conditions or without any), erase criminal record, etc.
Petition will be submitted to the competent authority in accordance with the applicable legislation. Using my wide successful experience in these matters, I will personally attend the relevant government authority and conduct consultations with official in charge of your case, is so necessary.

For additional details please contact personal assistant of Professor Sommer by email at or by post:

Für Elena Riefert,
NeusserStrasse 99 50670 Köln,
Deutschland / Germany

Request callback by sending sms with text “pardon” to the following number: 00491722492362. You will be called back shortly.

In order to prepare your petition the following information will be necessary:

  • - your biography, information about your parents, your hometown and your education;
  • - your professional career prior to the arrest;
  • - how many dependants do you have, what is their relation to you, their age;
  • - how often are you able to see your family, how do your children react to your absence from home;
  • - what job opportunities do you have after the release, what plans do you have and whether you have a specific job offer;
  • - are your parents alive, how old are they, do they need financial support from you?