Oral consultation on the prospects of success with your case in the European Court of Human Rights

Statistics of the European Court of Human Rights shows that 90% of all applications are dismissed due to the applicants’ failure to comply with the requirements of Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention.

You can contact Professor Sommer by Skype (elena.riefert) and obtain legal advice in order to be confident that your perception of human rights violations against you is correct and corresponds to the provisions of the European Convention. You will be instructed on how to complete necessary documents so as to avoid rejection of your complaint on formal grounds which have become more rigorous after 2014 amendments to Rule 47 of the Rules of Court.

For a videoconference please send your contact details via Skype (elena.riefert) or contact Ms Riefert, assistant and research associate of Professor Sommer, by email: elena.riefert@prof-sommer.ru;

We will set a date and time for our consultation and send you instructions about relevant information which you should prepare beforehand. Length of consultation: 1 hour.

Consultation is chargeable.

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