European Court: how to apply

Pursuant to Rule 47 of the Rules of Court and Practice Directions on the Institution of Proceedings only a duly completed application form will interrupt the running of the six-month time-limit. Complaints shall be made on the official application form which can be downloaded from the Court’s website . The complaints shall be filled in accordance with the instructions and with respect to the requirements of Rule 47 of the Rules of Court, printed out and submitted to the Court by post. Complaints shall contain applicant’s personal and contact details, indicate the State against whom the complaint is lodged, and where a violation allegedly took place, detailed chronological description of facts, complaints (with references to the Convention articles and the Court’s case-law), the subject matter of the case, arguments supporting the complaints and information about the actions taken by an applicant at the domestic level in order to remedy the alleged violation of the Convention. The application form shall be accompanied by copies of the relevant judicial decision and taken by the domestic courts in respect of an applicant and other relevant documents. A complaint can be made in any of the official languages of the Council of Europe Member States. An applicant will be informed of the registration of his or her complaint, as well as of any important developments in the case, by official mail from the Court. The Court also notifies applicants if their cases are declared inadmissible. Proceedings in the Court are usually very long and can take up to several years.


European Court of Human Rights contacts:

European Court of Human Rights

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