Comprehensive legal support service covering the entire proceedings in your case

Professor, Doctor of Law, Ulrich Sommer offers the following legal service “package” to the clients who would like to complain to the ECHR.


Before rendering you legal services, a following agreement will be concluded between you (principal) and Professor Sommer (lawyer):




1. Subject matter of the contract


1.1. Subject matter of this contract is legal services provided by lawyer to client for the purpose of maintaining the client’s case before the European Court of Human Rights at all stages of the proceedings determined by the Rules of Court.



2. Responsibilities


2.1 Lawyer undertakes to perform the following services


2.1.2. Preparing the application form to the Court in compliance with Rule 47 of the Rules of Court and Articles 34 and 35 of the European Convention on Human Rights


2.1.3. Representing client at all stages of proceedings as defined by the Rules of Court, before delivery of a final decision or judgment, not amenable to review by the Court (including Grand Chamber) or by any other body.



2.1.4. Keeping client informed about all developments in the proceedings and providing client with all correspondence with the Court, for information.



2.1.5. Corresponding with the High Contracting Party to the European Convention on Human Rights (Respondent State), preparing client’s observations (English version) in reply to the observations of the Respondent Government and submitting them to the Court.


2.1.6. Negotiating terms of friendly settlement with the High Contracting Party and consulting client as regards any proposal made in the course of such negotiations.




2.1.7. Representing client in oral hearings held by the European Court.



2.2. Client undertakes to


2.2.1. Provide lawyer with all documents necessary for performing his functions and with due regard to the time-limit for lodging a complaint, set out in Article 35 § 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights.


2.2.2. Inform lawyer about change of his address or contact details and about any circumstances relevant to the complaint.


2.2.3. Pay legal fee to lawyer in the amount of EUR (you can get information regarding legal fees by contacting research assistant (see Contacts section) within 7 days after signing the present agreement.


3. Contract duration


3.1. This agreement shall become effective on the date of its signing “__” ______ 20 __ and shall terminate until delivery of a final decision or judgment on the complaint by the European Court or at the receipt of notification under Rule 52A § 1 of the Rules of Court