Address by Professor Dr. Ulrich Sommer

Dear clients and colleagues, the European Convention on Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms takes a prominent place in the European legal culture and plays a huge role in the defence of rights and freedoms of people across the Europe. Numerous judgments of the European Court of Human Rights against the Member States of the Council of Europe and in favour of the applicants is vivid confirmation to this. Recent amendments to the procedure in the Strasbourg Court, allow to accelerate the examination of the individual complaints.

I hope as well that these changes will further entrench the human rights protection mechanism offered by the European Convention as an intrinsic part of the legal environment for people across the Europe and abroad and will further strengthen confidence in law and justice among them. In my legal practice I have often met with skepticism among clients concerning the prospects of proper protection of their rights and success with their complaints, despite the significance of their cases, obvious violations of human rights against them and the support from professional lawyers. For many years I’ve been practicing law as a criminal defence attorney in Germany specializing in proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights. During this time, I have accumulated a significant practical experience of successful presentation of my clients’ cases and the protection of people whose rights were breached in the course of criminal proceedings. Today I would like to offer my clients and colleagues who wish to apply to the European Court of Human Rights, my legal assistance and services. I am confident that a legal expertise of a European lawyer having a vast knowledge of the case-law of the European Court will assist you in finding new ways and means to solving you particular legal problems and in obtaining a just decision in your case. There are various opportunities and methods of lawyer’s assistance. If you are interested in my offer and would like to get more details or if you have any inquiries regarding opportunities for mutual co-operation or if you would like to obtain a professional legal assistance with your case in the European Court, you can contact me via email or my assistant by phone to discuss your questions. Professor Dr. Ulrich Someer