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Your German Lawyer. About Professor Dr. Sommer

Professor Dr. Sommer

Born in Herne, Germany, in 1952

1970 – 1975 studied law at the Universities of Bochum and Cologne

1979 admitted to practiсe law

1998 admitted as criminal defence attorney

Since 1998 member of the examination board of the Cologne Regional bar association for admitting lawyers to practice as criminal defence attorneys

1996-2006 board member of the Cologne lawyers’ association

2001-2005 board member of the German lawyers’ association (DAV)

Since 2002 member of the executive committee of the German lawyers’ association (DAV) working group on Criminal Law

2002-2004 Representative of Germany in the European Union Council of Bars and Law Societies in Brussels

Since 2004 member of the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA)

Since 2004 Associate lecturer at the University of Cologne

Since 2010 Professor of the Criminal Law Division at the University of Cologne

2013-2017 the largest German magazine Focus recognizes Professor Dr. Sommer as the top lawyer (top lawyer practising in Germany »)

Knows German, English and French languages

Humanitarian initiative of Professor Sommer in Ghana

Participation of Professor Dr. Sommer in the German Bar Association colloquium


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