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Human Rights Lawyer

Dear clients,

Ulrich Sommer, Professor of International and Criminal Law, is one of the leading law specialists practising in the area of human rights protection in the European Court of Human Rights, offers his professional services and high-quality legal assistance in bringing your case to Strasbourg.

European Court of Human Rights – opinion of a European lawyer

“From what I observe, people from all over Europe, especially its Eastern part, are often very skeptical towards the system of justice in general and usually do not believe in success with their case in the European Court, even when assisted by professional lawyer”.

However, bare facts speak for the contrary: increasing number of people apply to Strasbourg seeking protection of their rights to life, freedom, etc. and in most cases the Court takes the side of the applicants and find against the states. In order to properly lodge a complaint and to win the case, it is necessary to obtain professional legal advice from experienced human rights lawyer.

«Recent amendments to the procedure in the Strasbourg Court, allow to accelerate the examination of the individual complaints. I hope that they will further entrench the human rights protection mechanism offered by the European Convention as an intrinsic part of the legal environment for people across the Europe and abroad and will further strengthen confidence in law and justice.”

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European Court of Human Rights (video):

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Your human rights lawyer in Strasbourg

Professor Sommer is one of a few lawyers practising before the ECHR who has extensive experience of successful defense of right and freedoms of individuals and companies from all over Europe. Professor Sommer is an acknowledged professional and a responsible lawyer. Litigation in the European Court and legal protection of people who suffered from violations of their rights and freedoms, are his vocation. That is why Professor Sommer would like to offer you his legal services and assistance, based on his:

  • Expertise in the ECHR litigation;
  • Series of legal victories in the ECHR;
  • Competence in the area of the European Convention on Human Rights;
  • Extensive experience of work with individuals and companies from all over Europe;
  • Long-term successful practice as a Criminal Lawyer in Germany;
  • Wide knowledge of the ECHR case-law.


    Professor Dr. Sommer is known as a profound and decent lawyer. ECHR and its practice have been the object of his interest for a long time:
    “I believe that the synthesis of all the above factors and my professional interest, will lead us to success!”
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    - Do you want Ulrich Sommer, Professor of International and Criminal Law, to represent you as human rights lawyer, and have a query regarding legal services?

Professor Dr. Ulrich Sommer

Cases won at the ECHR:

Victories in the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg